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From live talks on Zoom with seasoned art experts, to Instagram TV conversations and curated picks, to pre-recorded webinars with some of TOAF's own artists, our first-ever online Fair had something for everyone to enjoy. Click here to learn more about the speakers.

What is Toronto's Year of Public Art, 2021? - Watch the Recording on Youtube

As announced by Toronto Mayor John Tory in November 2019, Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021 will celebrate and encourage the exploration of art in public places throughout the year. Recognizing the work that culture plays in boosting the economy, this program demonstrates a continued commitment to public art and now is also playing an important role in the City's COVID-19 recovery efforts. Launching the City’s new 10-year Public Art Strategy, the Year of Public Art will put this strategy into action with a dynamic program creating opportunities for artists, cultural institutions and private sector partners alike while reaching across the City’s diverse population and neighbourhoods. Members of the Mayor’s External Advisory Committee for the Year of Public Art 2021 will discuss their perspectives on this important City initiative and why they are lending their energy and individual expertise to ensure its success.

Panelists: Joe Sellors, Manager, Year of Public Art at City of Toronto; Corrie Jackson, Curator;  Bonnie Devine, Artist, Curator and Associate Professor, OCAD; Michèle Pearson Clarke, Photographer, Lecturer at Ryerson University and Photo Laureate for City of Toronto; John Samuels, Co-owner, Blank Canvas Gallery
Moderator: Rui Pimenta, Artist, Co-founder, Art Spin

How Art Collecting Works - Watch the Recording on Youtube

Presented by The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Supported by Designlines 

Collecting precious objects is a human urge dating back to the ancients in Babylonia, Egypt, China, India, Mesoamerica, Greece and Rome. But what compels people to collect art? How do they decide what to collect, and once they have it, what do they do with it? Hear from two strong voices in the Canadian art world: one, a former gallerist with a significant personal collection; the other, a museum professional with responsibility for building and maintaining a public collection.

Panelists: Neil Brochu, Supervisor, Collections & Outreach for City of Toronto, Museums & Heritage Services, David Mirvish, Producer, Mirvish Productions

Moderator: Joshua Heuman, Curator of Education & Public Programs, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

Emerging Artists to Watch by Tatum Dooley - Watch the Recording on Youtube

Get to know the next generation of TOAF artists who are demonstrating exceptional talent in pushing the boundaries of their art forms.

Meet the Artists: Christian Applegate, Raoul Olou, Stephanie Singh, Nami Ueno, and Isabella Varrasso
Moderator: Tatum Dooley, Curator, Canadian Art Forecast

From Concrete to Canvas, Making Art in the Public Realm - Watch the Recording on Youtube

Presented by StreetARToronto

Street, mural and graffiti artists discuss their trajectory from small-scale ‘canvasses’ like utility boxes,  concrete barriers and gallery exhibits right up to small walls, 20 storey buildings and international street-art commissions. Join the panelists and learn what it takes to scale up your practice and make a living while making art in the public realm.

Artists: Leyland AdamsAlexander BaconJeff Blackburn, Marg Cresswell, Jieun June KimKaren RobertsQue Rock, and Melika Saeeda.

Glimpsing the Future Vol. 2 - Watch the Recording on Youtube

Presented by The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

Organized by The Power Plant for Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, this program will introduce you to some of Toronto's diverse, innovative and emerging artists under age 35. After introductions, this fast-paced format allows each artist just 20 images and 20 seconds per image to describe their studio practice, process, and artworks. All artists will then be available for questions. Meet some of Toronto's diverse, innovative and emerging artists under 35. A fast-paced, dynamic and fun presentation.

Panelists: Valentin Brown, Claire Browne, Bruce Horak, Karina Iskandarsjah, Alejandro Rizzo Nervo, Yaw Tony
Moderator: Laura Demers, TD Curator of Education & Public Programs, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery

Juror's Picks 2020 - Watch the Recording on Youtube

Meet the Artists: Micah Adams, Keith EagerKal Mansur, Charlize Nhung Nguyen
Read more about the Jurors' Picks on the TOAF Blog. 
Moderator: Lee Petrie, 2020 TOAF Jurors & Exhibitions Director, The Gladstone Hotel


Art Talks

I LOVE ART with Tiffany Pratt, TOAF ArtLove Envoy
Visitors were swept away by Tiffany Pratt’s contagious energy and her passion for art. Her warmth and sparkle convinced listeners of the power of art to re-imagine everyday life.

Home Birth - Artist Talk with Chason Yeboah
Chason spoke passionately of how she used crochet art in her installation Home Birth and welcomed us to engage in challenging conversations about body-positivity, acceptance and social awareness around gender norms.

Wag the Doug: Doug Ford vs The Arts
A TOAF first! TOAF hosted a live podcast taping of Wag the Doug, presented by Canadaland. A discussion on the impact of Doug Ford’s policies on the arts and culture in Ontario had an outstanding  turnout (the most well-attended Art Talk yet), despite the downpour of rain. 

A great turn out for the live podcast taping of Wag the Doug at TOAF 2019

Glimpsing the Future: Focus on Emerging Artists
Toronto’s diverse emerging artists under 35 presented a fast-paced, dynamic and fun PechaKucha style talk, moderated by Joshua Heuman, Curator of Education & Public Programs, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.

Art: Unwalled
Robin Mckenna, Director and Producer of The Gift, David Ward, artist and founder of the New Regionalism Project, Adrian Hayles, muralist and co-director of Hashtag Gallery. How art can act as a mouthpiece, peace-maker, and social change in a world spiked with barriers. This panel was moderated by Jenn Goodwin, dance artist and producer at Nuit Blanche.

‘I Want It!’ - Art Talk for Kids with Taiga Lipson
An exclusive chat for kids 14 and under! Taiga shares secrets from the memories of her art-filled early years. Let’s talk about how it feels to look at art. It can be as exciting as seeing a toy you really want for your birthday or making a new friend. Art can make you excited, or sad, curious, or confused, and how important all of those feelings are to think about every day. 

Taiga Lipson at TOAF 2019

Art Tours

Who, What, Wear-able Art  - with Robert Mitchell, OCAD U Assistant Professor of Material Art & Design

Emerging Artists to Watch at TOAF - with Flavio Belli, Curator and Art Consultant

Juror’s Picks - Robyn Wilcox, Head of Programming, DesignTO

Fair Top Awards  - with Anahita Azrahimi, Executive & Creative Director of TOAF 

TOAF ED Anahita Azrahimi with visitors at artist Nelon Cheng's booth during a walking tour at TOAF 2019.


Art Talks

Building the Creative City 
With Anahita Azrahimi, Executive & Creative Director of TOAF, Tammy Yiu of Partial Gallery, and Artist Lauren Pirie

Art Before Dishes
With her trademark style and energetic presence, Tiffany Pratt has been invigorating dull spaces all across North America. The interior designer, maker, and author talks about her journey from opening an art studio in 2008 to becoming one of Toronto’s most recognizable design figures.

Warp, Weft and Resin
With Robert Mitchell, with Robert Mitchell, OCAD U Assistant Professor of Material Art & Design. In this conversation, visitors had the chance to explore a deeper understanding of the world of material art through the lens of the artist. How does their chosen medium connect with their work, and what is the significance of their medium in their message? You’ll be in expert hands as we chat with TOAF artists and gain insights on the craft behind textile art and sculpture.

The Collector’s Panel
With Artist Alex McLeod, Artist Justin Broadbent, Regina Sheung, Labour of Love. Moderated by Tammy Yiu of Partial Gallery. Buying art can be exciting, liberating, and satisfying – but it can also be a bit intimidating. We’ve gathered a panel of notable Toronto creatives from a range of backgrounds who break the traditional mould of what it means to be an art collector. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or already an avid collector, this conversation shined a light on when they started investing in art, how they chose some of their favourite pieces, how to cultivate your own personal curatorial style, and why collecting is just plain fun.

Moderator Tammy Yiu (far right) chats with panelists at TOAF 2018.

Art Tours

Fair Top Awards with Art Consultant Marci Kroft

Emerging Artists to Watch at TOAF with Taiga Lipson of Olga Korper Gallery

Juror's Picks Tour with Artist Gary Taxali

Tour Leader Gary Taxali visiting the booth of artist Eunshin Grace Kim with a group of visitors at TOAF 2018


Art Talks

Social Commentary Through Art
Join the artists and world travellers of Eyes of Society for a talk about how art in the postmodern era speaks to the public. This talk begins overlooking the square, and then ventures through the Exhibition as you discuss the importance of art as a tool of social commentary and which of today’s artists are addressing social awareness in their works.

David Ward speaks with visitors at TOAF 2017

Beyond Gallery Walls: From Beer Bottles to Tech Startups 
With Tammy Yiu of Partial Gallery and special guests Steve Himel, General Manager, Henderson Brewing and Russna Kaur, Artist. Art is flourishing in new and unexpected spaces around us. Creative thinkers are finding meaningful ways to share art: both online and in our communities. With our gaze shifting to screens, a tech startup is looking to disrupt the art world by making art accessible with rental models. And through collaboration, a local craft brewery has woven art into its mission by bringing art on to its own bottles. How has this made fine art more accessible for all? Join us over a pint as we explore art’s modern-day Renaissance!

Art Tours

Fair Top Awards with Art Consultant Marci Kroft

Juror’s Picks with Taiga Lipson of Olga Korper Gallery

Emerging Artists to watch with Genevieve Wallen of Xspace
Join Geneviève Wallen for a walking tour of Nathan Phillips Square to discover the fresh talents of emerging artists at the 2017 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. Geneviève Wallen is a Toronto-based curator and writer interested in issues of ethnocultural representational spaces in Canada. Wallen's focus on diasporic narratives, intersectional feminism, intergenerational healing, and alternative BIPOC futures inform her practice. 


Art Talks

Not a Millionaire, Not a Problem: A Frugal Guide to Buying Art - With William Huffman, Marketing Manager at Dorset Fine Arts

Art for Interiors: The Practical Guide to Living Artfully
 - With Sara Levine Petroff, Director of Petroff Design & Kelly Dickinson, Events Manager

Art Tours

Emerging Artists Under 33 to Watch - A Walking Tour by Humboldt Magnussen & Marjan Verstappen, Co-Directors of Younger Than Beyoncé Gallery

Who, What, Wear-able Art - A Walking Tour by Sarah Dougall, Owner of Made You Look Jewellery