Tangled Arts + Disability 

Tangled Art + Disability is a registered charitable organization dedicated to enhancing opportunities for artists with disabilities to contribute to the cultural fabric of our society.

Artist Curator
Adam Cohoon

Adam has operated as an independent Artist and Disability Advocate since 2003, where his work has included blogging, photography, filmmaking, and public speaking. He has presented his film work at the Opening of the Toronto Free Gallery, Camera Bar, and the University of Toronto Disability Art Show. He first gained wide recognition with the Disability and Media community through his selection to the National Film Board Momentum Program. work has appeared on the blog “Enables Me” and my work has also appeared on “CBC Toronto”.  I have also had my work appear in the “Metro” newspaper and  “Toronto Star Online”. To his credit, and unique development process, Adam had developed a manner in which he himself, through recent technological advances, leading to the GoPro camera affixed to his powered wheelchair, and accessible computer and laptop, he independently developed a manner of producing films. Mounting the GoPro on a wheelchair has allowed me to take video and photos from first person perspective, using a custom camera mount. 

2020 Participating Artists:
Bruce Horak 
Jaene Castrillon
Valentin Brown
Michel Dumont
Vanessa Dion Fletcher

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F8 Photography Collective

The F8 Photography Collective was formed in 2010  with a mission to consistently challenge and support 8 core members to produce and exhibit high quality photography. Collective photographers have fostered the development of community through sharing of knowledge and skills, through group critiques to challenge and support each member’s continued artistic growth, through the inclusion of guest artists bringing new approaches and viewpoints, and through networking with both art lovers and art professionals.

With a mandate to provide opportunities to publicly exhibit their images, F8 has mounted 19 shows in venues across the GTA. By requiring members to respond to a new theme for each exhibition, we push ourselves to step outside our comfort zone regarding creativity, approach, technique and subject matter. For our community of patrons our exhibitions provide opportunities to delight, excite, educate and inspire while nurturing an understanding and appreciation for the printed image.

2020 Participating Artists:

Jude Marion - judemarionphoto@gmail.com
Margit Koivisto - mkoivisto@sympatico.ca
Natalia Shields - natshields02@gmail.com
David Williams - rovingeye@bell.net
John Wallace - ziggydoodle@rogers.com 

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Temino Jewellery

Temino Jewellery is an emerging artist group that was created to explore the possibility of handcrafting jewellery. Rainy Zhang, Yiwei Zhang and Hubert Bao are the core goldsmith/designers, they each graduated from George Brown College Jewellery Arts program. With their background, they are able to combine different elements and different cultures into their jewellery and jump out of the jewellery design we all know.

2020 Participating Artists:

Hubert Bao
Yiwei Zhang
Rainy Zhang

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Toronto Potters                         

Toronto Potters was established in 1979 as an unincorporated not-for-profit volunteer-run association and stands today an association of over 100 diverse members sharing their passion for clay. The association is committed to the organization and sponsorship of clay related activities that inspire and contribute to members’ artistic growth and development, offer exhibition and sales opportunities and provide contact with other art groups and newcomers. The legacy of 20 high-calibre juried biennial exhibitions (Gardiner Museum, Craft Ontario, Harbourfront, John B. Aird Gallery, Art Gallery of Burlington), supported by the OAC and private funders, encourages members to show works, notable by diversity of expression. Annual Sales of members’ work at Toronto Botanical Garden and monthly meetings at the Gardiner Museum, featuring inspiring guest speakers, provide networking opportunities. As a 40th Anniversary project, Toronto Potters Studio at Artscape Youngplace, opened Oct. 15, 2018. Both a working studio for members and a teaching studio for community pottery classes, the studio satisfied a long-held goal for members to make and show ceramics.

2020 Participating Artists:

Barbara Banfield                  
Carolynn Bloomer                        
Jacquie Blondin                          
Susan Card                                  
Aneela Dias D'Sousa   
Andrea Poorter
Monika Minnis                                                           

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