TOAF is proud to have launched the careers of thousands of artists since 1961. Read more about their experiences and how they have found TOAF to be a successful, professional, well-organized, engaged, and impressively well-attended event.

"TOAF was a great opportunity to showcase my work for the first time. I was lucky enough to have been accepted a few years in a row. The experience was incredible and it was nice to connect with other creatives in the city. This is a great fair to get exposure." 

- Kathryn Macnaughton, Artist (Bau-Xi Gallery)

“This year was yet another challenge. With the pandemic, I think a lot of us were scared that TOAF wouldn’t happen, or it wouldn’t be as good as past years. Luckily, they managed to pull off a beautiful transition to digital, both through the online store and all of their great online events and content. Seeing it all come together and seeing all the familiar faces really brought a tear to my eye and when I received the ‘Best of Painting’ award... I was just overcome by the thought of how much this show has done for me.”   - Keight MacLean, Best of Painting Award Winner 2020

"The online fair is a brilliant idea! Not only does it allow us to still get our work out there and make new friends and clients, it levels the playing field for disabled artists. I am looking forward to building my online gallery and connecting with potential customers and collectors."   - Steve Kean, Best of Photography Award Winner

“I feel thrilled to connect with art lovers who could appreciate my philosophy and life experience. This year, TOAF made us share our hearts and minds with art lovers from different places all over the world, with such a user-friendly digital platform with no pain. Hurray! Thanks for providing me, one of the emerging artists, with such great exposure and a reputable stage to find homes for my babies.”   - Christy Chor, Ceramic Artist

From left, Jeannie Baxter Managing Director at Toronto Image Works, Award Winner Amanda Arcuri, TOAF Judge Greg Staats

“I really loved being included in one of the art talk tours and being able to answer questions and discuss my process with a group of interested art lovers. I had many photographers come to my booth over the course of the weekend just to see my work because I was an award winner! It felt great to connect with my community that way... Thank you again for the experience! It was a memorable and very worthwhile weekend.”    - Amanda Arcuri, Fine Art Photographer

I spent a few summers in the early 80’s at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair with my work. It was a great experience meeting fellow Torontonians and tourists and having a chance to tell my story. I even sold a few prints which made the experience that much better!"

- Edward Burtynsky, Canadian photographer and artist

"My first year showing at TOAF as a student was definitely a life changing experience. I sold my 3 largest works to a local gallerist within the first hour of the show, and the rest were gone by noon the next day. These were the first paintings I had ever sold. On top of everything, I was selected for the 1st annual Emerging Artist by Emerging Curator Award, which put me in my first gallery show along with some other very talented artists. The whole experience was thrilling, but most importantly gave me a huge boost of confidence to keep working hard and to believe in the work that I make. Big thanks to TOAF and your amazing volunteers for a great experience!"    - Cristine Yunyk, Emerging Artist

“2017 was my first time at TOAF. My booth was almost sold out and my sales and commissions from TOAF 2017 exceeded $15,000! One of my pieces was sold whilst I was still unpacking and setting up my booth on Friday morning when an art collector stopped mid-pace to acquire a must-have piece for their corporate collection.”    - Anand Jaggernauth, Artist

"In the heart of a world class city, the TOAF is a great and unique event! With its loyal following it has given us access to customers and galleries who have become core to the growth of our art work and our business. Also, we get to experience the work of other artists, which we find so enriching and thought provoking.”   - Thomas Aitken & Kate Hyde, Ceramicists

"I did the TOAF directly upon graduating from OCA (now called OCAD University). There was a small group of us from the art college that all decided to do this together for moral support... I did sell a few pieces at the show and occasionally have run into people all these years later who remind me that they bought a piece there for a very reasonable price and how happy the work has made them over the years. I was happy that they took a chance on me, a young unknown artist... I think all young artists should do this show and learn what there is to be learned from the whole experience!" 

Barbara Astman, Photographer


“I strongly recommend this event to any new or established artist. The event is extremely well marketed, organized and attended... From the year-round correspondence to the volunteers who help with set up to the incredibly supportive organizers this event is first class in every respect.”   - Mark Brodkin, Photographer

"I have been exhibiting at the TOAF for many years and it has continued to be one of my favourite shows to participate in. The show is well advertised, organized by a great team of staff and volunteers. It is one of the most loved art shows from art collectors and shoppers who want something truly unique, it's encouraging to hear that they remember me every year. Its great for promoting your brand, building your clientele, and establishing an artistic presence."   - Theresa Duong, Jewellery Maker & Goldsmith

“Exhibiting at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair was a bit of a next step/dream come true all wrapped up into one fantastic weekend show… The experience was everything I had hoped for and more as the crowd were definitely art lovers… Everyone was so friendly and willing to share their knowledge with a newbie like me. It was really a big family out there as we were all there to share a little bit of our hearts and souls - our art.”    - Noella Upitis Witte, Artist